Sunday, 16 December 2012

Wondering around London...

I love having Sundays off, I always feel that I should be proactive so today I decided to wonder around London. Covent Garden is always one of my most loved places.It has lots of character and charm and I love the way its decorated come Christmas time.

The epitome of elegance and class Chanel creates timeless scents for everyone.Perfectly wrapped up in black and white with a double C the Chanel brand is an icon of the perfume industry. Chanel No.5 is still one of the most popular scents worldwide.I love this store I think its so pretty and its a great idea they are just selling beauty products. The store has been re-launched for the Christmas season and closing down at the end of December.I really need to get in a book a manicure before they close.
This is my mini haul for today:

1. Panda footlets from Primark
2.Clinique Chubby Stick in chunky cherry
3.Topshop makeup wipes and glow highlighter.

I absolutely love these socks really wanted to get my hands on the fox ones but they seem to be sold out. Think the panda ones are super cute though. I thought I would try the Topshop face wipes for a change as I always have Nivea ones but thought its time for a change. The glow highlighter is something I've been wanting to try for ages and so is the Chubby stick as I've seen such good reviews of them both.

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